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bCUT — sheet materials cutting layout optimizer

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bCUT3. Main application window.
bCUT3. Documents.

bCUT3. Database configuration tool.

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bCUT is application for cutting patterns calculation for guillotine-type cutting of sheet materials. Patterns are calculated taking into account technological parameters of sheet material and  selected sawing machine. During calculation of cutting patterns bCUT also calculates edge banding materials usage and a cost of cutting.

It's also available CAM module for generating programs for Altendorf panel saw.

Project history

Technical description

bCUT3 implemented as distributed client-server system and consist of application server, database configuration tool, warehouse management tool and bCUT. All application modules  implemented in C#, calculation module implemented in C++/Managed C++. Parallel calculations implemented using OpenMP technology. Interaction between components implemented using .NET Remoting technology.