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I'm a professional software developer. Since 1997 I've been developing various large commercial products in different areas: CAD/CAM solutions, distributed HR and payroll system, online scheduling systems, TV-broadcusting systems, CNC systems of 3D milling machines.


E-mail: rvn@ledas.ru
Skype: industrial-software.ru

When calling please note +6 GMT time difference.

Private Practice

Contract works


May 2011 - present time.

Development and support of CrossTrack, one of JetCAM product line solutions. Work is performed under contract with “Ledas” for “JetCAM s.a.r.l.


November 2010 - February 2011

Development controlling program for CNC system of a 3-coordinates milling machine, based on ALTERA processor. Work was performed under contract with “IPGA” company.


Professional Skills