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Su-35. Modeller Nikolay Nazarenko.

ОК-92.Modeller Nikolay Nazarenko.

I-153. Modeller Nikolay Nazarenko.

Katana. Modeller Nikolay Nazarenko.

bCAD — computer aided design, polygonal modeling


bCAD is a 3D CAD system that provides wide set of tools for planar drawing and sketching, polygonal modelling, real-time and photorealistic visualisation. “bCAD Furniture” version has additional tools for cabinet furniture design and preparation for manufacturing.

I've been working in bCAD project since 1999. My work started from implementation set of tools for creation polygonal meshes from the set of spatial curves. Later I create few tools for modifying mesh edges visibility in various ways.

This work was performed by request of the Novosibirsk branch of Sukhoi Bureau constructors. They used bCAD in those terrible times of 90-s. One of modules was named as “ending” the name of airplane wing's ending surface. A bit later, Sukhoi start working in more powerful CAD systems :-) But anyway, some of Sukhoi fighter planes design were performed in bCAD; it makes me really happy.

Except Sukhoi, we in ProPro create some engineering works for Novosibirsk company “Aviarestavration” to help them create a replica of WWII fighter plane I-153 “Seagull”. Calculation of kinematic schema of landing gear was performed by Dmitry Thchebakov, models were created by Nikolay Nazarenko.

From the beginning of 2000 bCAD was mainly oriented for automation design and manufacturing of cabinet furniture and trading/exhibition equipment. Now it is used in several thousands of Russian furniture manufactures of various scales.

Technical description

bCAD is implemented in С/С++, Managed C++ and С#. All plugins for bCAD3 are implemented in Microsoft Java.

bCAD5. Главное окно приложения.
bCAD4. Главное окно приложения.

Screenshots of bCAD5 and bCAD4. Click on image to enlarge.