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TV prompting software that used in live television production. Custom development under contract with “Softlab-Nsk” company in 2006. Product is included in “Forward” broadcasting system.

Technical description

TVPrompt implemented as two components system. First component is responsible for scrolling text with an appropriate speed. It supposed to be executed on a separate computer; in this case it occupies the whole screen area of primary monitor. In case when software is running on single machine configuration, it occupies the whole area of second monitor. Image of this screen is displayed to the announcer. Another component represents controlling system for text scrolling component. It's used by operator who controls broadcasting process.

All components are implemented in C++. Text scrolling component implemented as COM-server that uses DirectDraw to render text. Controlling application is a typical Windows desktop application that communicates with text scrolling server via DCOM.

Here are two screenshots that demonstrates broad view of software. All samples are in Russian, because software is not intended to use in any cultures except Russian.

TVPrompt. Controlling program.
TVPrompt. Text scrolling module and controlling program.

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